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Assistant Grocery Manager Position

We are looking for an Assistant Grocery Manager who will have great skills in customer care, management, and organization. You will work with the Managers to train and maintain their team to ensure the team maintains the appropriate departments fully stocked and rotated pursuant to the store policy and procedures. The Assistant Grocery Manager will be an ideal role model on delivering exceptional customer service to our customers. You will be able to collaborate with the Manager to train the team to be more efficient, faster, and courteous to the customers. Additionally, you will actively identify performance and personnel issues in a timely manner and resolve those issues according to the store policies. You will be working independently in a fast pace environment and provide the necessary support to the Manager as needed.

Some of the duties of the Assistant Grocery Manager at Sunland Produce include:

– Set up merchandise displays on the sales floor and maintaining the back-stock room.

– Greet customers upon entry to the store and helping them to locate the needed items or make recommendations to fit the customers’ needs.

– When needed, help the customers to locate an appropriate team member who would be able to further assist the customer.

– Attend to customers’ needs and welcome their feedback and suggestions.

– Identify areas of concern that the upper management may need to consider and assist with developing solutions to recurring issues.

– Work closely with fellow team members to keep the sales floor area clean and organized at all times.

– Receive all vendors; place orders, and stock grocery loads in a neat and organized manner.

– Ensure the isles, displays, shelves, and storage areas are in clean and orderly condition as required by the Health Department.

– Rotate products following Sunland Produce’s policies and procedure to ensure freshness.

– Assist Deli/Dairy/Frozen departments, as well as the Front and the End.


You must have the following qualifications to be considered for the position of an Assistant Manager:

  • Be at least 18 years of age and have prior retail management experience of 1-3 years.
  • Have knowledge of natural foods and alternative diets.
  • Be flexible with the schedule and accommodate any scheduling changes, including nights, weekends, and holidays.
  • Be reliable and responsible for your duties and assignments, as well as scheduling.
  • Ability to walk 3 miles in an 8-hour shift.
  • Demonstrate strong communication skills – both written and verbal.
  • Be able to effectively take and give direction and meaningfully participate in a team environment.
  • Demonstrate friendly behavior and positive attitude while interacting with coworkers and customers.
  • Have proven leadership ability to build, motivate and maintain staff, while possessing a working knowledge of personnel reports, margin reports, weekly sales numbers and financial goals
  • Have a strong focus on detail, analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Able to multi-task competently, while maintaining strong organization and planning skills; able to prioritize multiple tasks.
  • Must vertically transfer trays weighing up to 50-60 lbs., from 9″ to 62″.
  • Must vertically/horizontally transfer boxes weighing up to 50-60 lbs., from 5″ to 34″, for a distance up to 5 feet without mechanical assistance.
  • Repetitive squatting/kneeling/bending.

The Assistant Grocery Manager will serve as Assistant Grocery Department Manager, fully participating with the Grocery Department Manager in the management of activities and functions related to the department.


We are looking for a hard-working, high-energy cashier to join our company. You’ll be responsible for facilitating money transactions for customers by using a cash register. You will ring up sales by accepting credit, debit, or cash. Cashiers handle large amounts of money each day, so you will also be expected to act with honesty and integrity, and must possess excellent customer service skills, and knowledge of our products.

Cashier Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Greeting customers in a positive manner and helping them find specific items
  • Wrapping, bagging, or boxing merchandise for customers
  • Accepting payment by credit, debit, voucher, or cash
  • Calculating and giving correct change to the customer
  • Resolving customer complaints and rectifying price discrepancies
  • Handling exchanges, refunds, credits, or rain checks
  • Entering purchases into the cash register to calculate the purchase price

Cashier Requirements and Qualifications

  • High school diploma or equivalent preferred
  • Being able to do basic mathematics, and handle and count cash
  • Being able to accommodate various shifts on short notice
  • Being able to stand for extended durations of time
  • Knowing how to handle unreasonable or difficult customers
  • Being an effective and positive communicator with customers