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Fresh food with prices that shine.

At Sunland Produce, we offer the finest, freshest foods available, at the best prices in town. We’re your one-stop grocery store with superior fruit, vegetables, eggs, meat, cheese, seafood, nuts, bread, and unique cuisine items. We have every ingredient you need to make perfect meals at home — your favorite drinks too. Our unique direct distribution system ensures the freshest, most affordable products are always available in our aisles. Welcome to Sunland, where the commitment to quality never sets.

Our aisles are stocked for you

You’ll find everything on your grocery list down our fully stocked aisles. From fresh baked bread to olives to canned beans to dairy products, fruit juices, a large selection of coffee and teas. We also have a large range of ethnic foods, including Middle-eastern, Hispanic, Italian, Armenian, and other international items.

Produce is in our name for a reason

Whatever the season, we have built our reputation on providing farm-fresh produce directly to our customers at wholesale prices. Our produce aisle is filled with fresh greens, bright peppers, healthy herbs, colorful fruits. Drop in to shop or call us for an order, big or small.

Largest mix around

If you like nuts, seeds or dried fruit, we have a very large selection to explore. You’ll love shopping our endless variety of imported and domestic mixed nuts—from natural to flavored and spiced—plus trail and party mixes, dried fruit, and various herbs and spices.

Fresh seafood and choice meats

Sunland Produce offers large selection of fresh meat, chicken, and seafood. Our skilled butchers are available to cut and prepare your grilling favorites, just the way you like it. We also carry pre-marinated meats such as fajitas, and traditional barbecue meats, perfect for quick and easy meals.

Fresh sliced deli meats and cheeses

More than produce, Sunland Produce is also your best grocery for shopping a wide assortment of deli meats and cheeses of all variety. From prosciutto to Bulgarian feta, we’ve got you covered. We’ll even give you a taste while you shop.

Cheers to shopping at Sunland

Don’t forget to stock your bar. We carry a large selection of beer, wine and liquor at the same great low prices as our food products. We offer an international selection of beer, & our wine assortment included everything from Sauvignon Blanc to Shiraz.